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After the age of forty your hair growth slows down and the strands become thin. The lustrous hair of youth is because they have about 100,000 hairs depending on the color. Blonds have more than redheads.As you mature the number declines to forty or fifty thousand hairs between the ages of thirty and fifty. Hair now does not produce as much oil so the hair begins to look duller.Past forty your hair starts to get drier and more brittle. Well that's the down side. The up side is that at a hair salon there is a whole new array of options.With all the emphasis on wellness and anti- aging, there is more that can be done than ever before. The best hair color specialist has a whole array of products that will produce lustrous looking hair. The trend is to cut the hair to produce a full looking hair style that flatters you. With a natural look, you can contribute to the nimble fingers of your hairstylist, and the new products that renew elasticity and smoothness which improves your hair's health you will have a whole new look.Color applied right can turn a dull color to a vibrant hue and also protect the hair's fiber.So to answer the question posed, I know that wigs do give many people more confidence when they have this type of shedding. Because you know that you don't have to rely upon your real hair to look nice. But, I highly recommend taking the time and saving the money to get a high quality wig that has been fitted and colored by a professional. It truly does make a difference in my opinion. And even if you are shopping for wigs, I don't think that you should give up on your hair. You never know when an improvement is right around the corner. And you don't know if your experience right now will only be temporary.

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