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Even though an awful experience can trigger a depressive illness. When hair becomes seriously tangled or matted, most people become so scared. They don't want to cut their hair. Some people go into denial by allowing their hair to stay this way. They are ashamed to go out in public or to even to their salon. Inevitably their hair gets worse. Some hair extension, braid or dreadlock methods can last in the hair for 3 months, and up to 1 year. When these hairstyles are removed with homemade remedies it also causes serious damage, hair loss, and in some cases severely tangled or matted hair. Hair loss can cause depression as well, but very matted hair tends to lead to depression faster. The shame,self blame and loss of self esteem causes most women to begin concealing knots or clumps of matted hair according to Tangled Hair Techs. This is what leads to deep depression and frustration. Women's hair loss is much more common than most people realize," According to Dr. Bauman of Bauman Medical Group in Boca Raton, Florida, a top U.S.Be careful to choose a wig that matches the shape of your face. You may buy a full wig or a hair extension depending upon your costume. In case you desire to wear a patch instead of a full wig, you can buy that too. Costume wigs are made of natural human hair as well as synthetic fiber. In case you are un-comfortable a wearing a human hair wig, you can always purchase a synthetic one as it is looks equally authentic. The biggest advantage of wearing a costume wig is that it gives your character an air of authenticity and panache. Of course, it acts as a great disguise too.

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