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Remember to always use a soft brush, avoid stiffs brushes.Monthly TrimmingsRegular trimming is necessary to keep the ends of hair soft, smooth and thick. The last couple of inches of hair become raggedy and thin if you do not trim them regularly. Trimming also keeps the shape of hair. As hair grows unevenly, any hairstyle can go from chic to shaggy after two or three months. You do not need to get a huge chop or remove all damaged hair at once. Small trims every 2-3 months are sufficient to keep the hair in shape. This is also to avoid ragged ends of your hair!Adopt Loose StylesThe hair should never be worn "done up" constantly. This is injurious because every part of the hair should have frequent air and sun baths. For normal shampoo employ Castile, tar or vegetable soaps, and Green soap for oily hair. A good egg shampoo may be made of an egg, thoroughly beaten, one tablespoon alcohol, four ounces bay rum, a pinch of borax, and four ounces of Castile soap mixed in a pint of hot water, to be used when cool. Do try out this excellent home remedy.Trichotillomania or Hair PullingSome children and less often adults play with their hair by pulling on it or twisting it. This can be part of a behavioral problem or a bad habit that is often done unconsciously. If the behavior is not stopped permanent hair loss can result from the constant stress on the hair. Its best to seek the help of a mental health professional to solve this problem. Hair Styling Treatments Many people change the appearance of their hair by using chemical treatments like dyes, tints, bleaches, straighteners, relaxers and permanent waves. If correctly done and done using reputable products, its rare to have any damage. However, hair can become weak and break if any of these chemicals are used too often. Hair can also break if the solution is left on too long, if two procedures are done on the same day, or if bleach is applied to previously bleached hair. Some chemical relaxers do contain powerful chemicals and there have been instances of people get chemical burns from these products resulting in permanent hair loss.

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