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You have to decide based on your personal preferences and beliefs on whether you want to remove pubic hair or not. Regardless of your motivation to remove your pubic hair, it is important for you to understand the various pubic hair removal methods to decide the most suitable solution for you.5 Common Pubic Hair Removal Methods1. Shaving - The most common tools for shaving the pubic region are conventional electric shavers and razor blades. Men tend to use their electric beard shavers or razor blades while women simply use their leg shavers. Isn't it obvious why so many people suffer from irritating side effects like ingrown hairs, itching and pubic pimples. A pubic shaver is what they should use to remove pubic hair.2. Waxing - Some people like it, some people don't.Here's an interesting topic I want to tell you about. It actually reveals how biased our health care can still be between male and female health issues. It is a fact that 60% of people who consult for hair loss treatments are women but you have probably never heard that there's such a huge number of women with balding and hair thinning issues. At the same time, male pattern baldness seems very common. One reason behind this is that women have been socially pressured not to speak out about their medical issues, especially in the past generations. They were forced to literally just "keep it under wraps" by using a hat or wig.

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