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Japanese Hair Straightening Details: Sometimes referred to as thermal reconditioning, Japanese Hair Straightening is a method of treating hair with chemicals, separating it into sections, ironing the hair, rinsing it, then blow drying. Through breaking the protein bonds in your hair, the chemicals in the Japanese Hair Straightening treatment semi-permanently smooth out any frizz, waves, or curls. As soon as the Japanese Hair Straightening process is complete, the result is straight hair for four to six months. How Long Does Japanese Hair Straightening Take The Japanese Hair Straightening can take anywhere from three to six hours to complete. The total time for the Japanese Hair Straightening process is dependent on the length of your hair, the health of your hair, and of course, the knowledge of your hair dresser. How Much Does Japanese Hair Straightening Cost A Japanese Hair Straightening treatment can cost anywhere from $300 to upwards of $1,500 depending on the salon at which the treatment is performed.One final solution to the problem of hair loss is through surgery. Although these are slightly more expensive, they do offer results almost overnight. (Or at least until after surgery is over.) It's perfect for people who are serious about obtaining hair growth the fastest and soonest possible. When choosing this route, ensure that the surgeon chosen is reliable and has experience or specialises in this type of surgery. Do proper research. Ask friends and make sure the surgeon and clinic is fully licensed. It would also help if the patient understands how the procedure will be done and what they should expect, any good surgeon should be able to supply information without any problem.

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