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Squeeze the juice of a lemon in a bowl and add a part of the root of a banyan tree into it. Use this to wash the hair. When the bath is over, apply coconut oil on the scalp. Regular use of this therapy for a few days will solve the problem of hair fall.(2)Treatment for Dull HairAyurveda has methods to provide dull hair with a lustrous and bouncy shine. The best of these methods are given below:-1.Prepare a mixture of one kilo of amalaki juice, one kilo of pure ghee and quarter kilo of licorice. Cook these on a slow fire. When the liquid component dries up but not the ghee stop cooking and filter the contents into a bottle. Use this on the hair as you would use a conditioner. Your hair will get back its natural color and shine, without any side-effects.2.Prepare a fine ground powder of Lauha choorna, Triphala and black soil. Put this mixture in sugarcane juice and let it age for a month. When the month is done, use this mixture as a paste to apply on the hair. Within a few days the hair will regain its color. This method works very well with hair that is getting discolored with age.3.Microscopic follicular unit transplants are considered a breakthrough in hair grafting, and is therefore more widely applied today than traditional grafting using multi-bladed scalpels. The term "microscopic" reveals that hair surgeons use a microscope to make sure they don't damage vital root systems - an incident which tended to occur in traditional grafting with multi-bladed scalpels. Now, thanks to this medical precision technology breakthrough, the "plugginess" that is experienced in traditional grafting virtually no longer exists!

Full Lace Front Wigs
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