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Many salons find it easiest to shave the hairline before applying a lace front wig. Certainly, a wig will adhere strongly to a shaven area. Yet it is very destructive to shave the hairline. It makes you a slave to wearing lace front wigs all the time. Once the glue is applied directly to this shaven area over and over, it is hard for hair to ever grow back there. The senseless thing about it all is that the hairline does not need to be shaved for the wig to be applied.These are natural and do not carry any harmful chemicals in them.MassagingMassaging essential oils at the scalp and giving it a rub works well in increasing the circulation of the blood in the scalp. The oils also offer certain nutrients directly to the scalp. It is a proven formula for thousands of years in various cultures and should be used.Different HairstylesTrying as few different hairstyles can help in giving a thicker look to the hair even when they are thinning. Find the one that works for you and adopt it.Use of Hair ExtensionsHair extensions are very useful in giving a full look to thinning hair. These are available for both men and women. Select ones that look well with your personality and appear to be natural. It is a temporary fix but it does work quite well.Use of VitaminsVitamins are important for a person in general. They are also very useful for the follicular health and taking multivitamins can help in keeping the hair healthy.Hair Transplant SurgeryFor a permanent fix, hair transplant does the job rather well. It can be done when a person is experiencing thinning.

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