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Natural treatments include natural supplements that may include a blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts known to benefit hair loss. These supplements have fewer side effects if any and are less expensive. Many people are turning toward natural products to avoid the potential serious side effects of other treatments.ConclusionRe-growth (with) hair loss is possible through the use of any one of a variety of treatments. The most radical would be surgery such as hair transplantation and hair cloning. Both can be painful and expensive. Oral medications and topical treatments are available. They are less expensive than surgery but have potentially serious side effects.Natural products such as oral supplements are available and fast becoming a popular option. They have far fewer side effects and can be less expensive than other treatments. Their safety is a big draw for many people.It is part of normal life cycle in man and woman shed hair as they age. This is known as androgenetic alopecia and is responsible for 95% of hair loss in both sexes.LifestyleEach year, the rate of hair loss in women is increasing rapidly and is being implemented gradually after the enormous rate of hair loss in men. Lifestyle change that has something to do with it.Although the research found that women are more health conscious than men, are more aware of the figure, compared with the opposite sex. As a result, find ways to be thin, like skipping meals. When there is not enough nutrition in the body, one of being affected.Hair Loss - SymptomsHair loss can occur as thinning, which you may not notice hair loss, or release, in which groups of hair loss.

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