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There are also products geared toward dandruff prone hair. If you aren't sure what type of hair you have, there's a simple way to tell where on the spectrum your hair is between dry and oily. If you have to wash your hair each day to prevent it from becoming flat, then your hair is oily. But if you can go several days and your hair still has volume, you're dealing with dry hair. Learn a little about the active ingredients in different shampoo, conditioner and hair care product formulas so you know what will help your hair type.3. Take a break from using heat - If you're using a hair dryer, curling iron or hair straightener every day, you're setting yourself up for damaged hair. Heated styling tools can make your hair look great, but they don't do a lot for the health of your hair. When you use these tools each day, you are drying your hair out but also creating an oily scalp. The skin on your scalp will produce more oil over time when you apply heat to it each day. Reduce your reliance on heated styling tools and try letting your hair air dry at least partially. The condition of your hair and scalp will improve.4.Some of us may take our hair for granted - it is something that we were born with, something that we twirl around our fingers when we are in deep thought, something that we complain about on "bad hair days." It may never occur to us how much a child would love to have a human hair wig - how much a child would love to even have just one of our "bad hair days."

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