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In fact, there are some products that have been found to be toxic to the human body which is why you will want to know what kind of hair loss treatment products should be used.The first way to stop hair loss is through a healthy diet. You have to remember that your hair follicles also need nourishment and following a poor diet will not only lead to poor health but will also result in hair loss at a young age. If hair loss is your problem, you may want to try eating foods that are rich in silica. This nutrient has been considered to be hair food where it will provide you with a healthier and thicker hair. Foods such as cucumber, potato, and red pepper contain this mineral. Also, iron deficiency has been found to be the cause of premature hair loss. Try and take more foods that are rich in iron if you are experiencing the hair loss problem.Stress has also been found to promote hair loss.It is important for a wig to be professionally styled on your head this way it will suit your face and allow you to wear it more successfully. Wig maintenance is not very expensive; it just requires a little bit of time and effort. When they are not in use, wigs should be stored on wig stands or on mannequins in order to maintain their shape. You will need to clean it regularly; the frequency of cleaning greatly depends on your lifestyle, your amount of perspiration, and environment. However, it is generally recommended that wigs are cleaned after 2 weeks of wearing, or less when it comes to african american wigs. Cleaning should be done accordingly to the instructions that come with each wig. Synthetic wigs should be cleaned with only shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and other styling accessories designed specifically for synthetic hair or synthetic/human (blended) hair wigs.

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