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To give an end to my suffering, my mom and dad brought me to two of the leading hair care companies of today€"Yun Nam Hair Care and Miracle Hair Expert. We first went to Yun Nam. At first, the hair treatment sessions were amazing but I was totally disappointed because while time was passing by, their hair products didn't show major improvement on my end. I don't know why though..Next, remove the towel and separate the curls with fingers. There are special moisturizing creams available in the markets that help to manage the curls. After washing your hair, allow them to dry naturally. If you are using a blow dryer, then it is necessary to use it properly otherwise, your hair will become dry and bushy. To avoid such a dilemma, allow the hair to dry naturally for some time and then blow-dry them by keeping the nozzle of dryer in the direction of hair growth. This way your hair will not frizz. If your curls are tangled, do not try to de-tangle them using a hairbrush, as it will weaken the hair roots, resulting in hair loss. To de-tangle the curls always use wide toothed comb or separate the curls using fingers. Next, apply serum that helps in controlling frizz before going to bed. Styling the Curls If you have medium length hair and medium curls that seem to be tangled up until evening, you can apply mousse. It will hold them in place, give volume to hair and keep them lustrous all day. Medium to short hair can be styled using headbands.

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