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No blow dryers or curling irons are to be used when styling them. But if you buy real human hair wigs, you can use curling irons and blow dryers. However, human hair pieces are more difficult to handle and so it is left to the professionals for washing and styling. So, when buying a wig you need to go for the one that you find is suitable for you. If you plan to wear the hair extension regularly, you would would need to wash and set it every week or two. In that case, a high quality synthetic hair extension would be an appropriate choice for you.A wig is either made up of synthetic fibers or of natural hair. So, before you buy, you need to know which one you would like to go for. Both types of hairpieces have advantages. Synthetic fibers are quite acceptable in the market. There is a huge demand of this material.Brazilian hair is generally considered to be the gold of the hair industry. Rare, precious and desired, it is on the wish list of many people, whatever their budget. Brazilian hair is very strong, can be either curly or straight, and changed accordingly to style preference, just like normal hair. It looks very natural, which is why is it favoured by so many women the world over. Anyone who has ever used extensions or wigs made from synthetic materials will know that there simply is no comparison.

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