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Learn how to straighten your hair easily. First, wash and towel dry your hair. Next you will add a small amount of Chi silk infusion to your hair. Part your hair where you would like it parted and blow it dry. Now you need to brush out any knots in your hair and spray it well with Chi 44 iron guard. Coat the ends of your hair with a heat protection serum, and use a straight iron to straighten sections of hair starting with the bangs. You can use clips and bobby pins to keep hair that you are not working on out of the way. When you get to the back you should split your hair in the middle and do.These twists are very stylish and can last for at least two weeks minimum. All you need to do is section and part the hair just as you want to style it. Now, begin from the top of the forehead and take two equal parts of a parted section. Twist these two parts twice. Take the right part over the left, then the left part over the right. Pick you another section and divide it into two equal parts and twist these hair along with the first twist. Keep picking sections of hair after two twist and go on till the nape. Secure the ends with beeswax or rubber band.

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