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Black women are very proud of their hair and love the versatility that their hair offers. There is a misguided belief, among other nations, that black women do not like their own hair and wear wigs because their hair is unable to grow beyond the shoulder. This is sometimes thought of by those who choose not to wear wigs or extensions themselves, but this couldn't be further from the truth. There are many communities and groups online promoting their love and pride for the black women's stresses.Hair PieceRecycling. If youve never heard the term before, its ok most peoplehavent. You see a common misconception is that once a hair piece becomesdamaged or reaches a certain level of disrepair, theres nothing more that canbe done except to discard it. In fact many hair pieces are simply thrown outeach year. But there are solutions. Hair piece repair may work for many hairwearers, and hair piece recycling is a readily available solution for everyone! At the timeof this writing there are very few companies offer hair piece recyclingprograms. (We only know of 1). Thereason why, is that many companies do not want to pay an upfront fee to havedamaged hair pieces refurbished, and then have to find a way to resell them.Not only that, but also, the customers who are recycling the hair piecesdeserve compensation in return as well.

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