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A. Thin hair does best with shorter cuts that can add fullness, as long thin hair can get stringy and lay flat against the head. A modified bob is a good choice. A modified bob is a chin-length or slightly longer bob haircut with irregular, wispy ends. With this hairstyle, you can curl the ends upward in a flip. A short pixie - think Halle Berry - is a stylish option for thinning hair. Short hairstyles are light and don't weigh down the hair. Asymmetrical styles also will give you the appearance of having more hair, as will bangs.One normally fastens lace wigs at the edge of the head close to your hairline with the help of adhesives which are waterproof so you need not worry about getting messy glue into your hair. Besides, you do not have to sit still for many hours while you get a sew-in weave. Why should you do that when you can get a full head of hair instantly that falls freely as if it were your own If you take care of your lace wig well, lace front wigs can last for several years. You can wear your lace front wig for a few weeks at a time. Whenever you want to change the color of your hair, its style or texture, add length or body, the lace wigs will come to your rescue.Today, lace wigs are very much popular when it comes to managing a bad hair day or even if you just want to change your look.

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