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First, I live with my wife, kids and a very black, square built lump of a Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog cross called Jack (my daughter was into that Beanstalk fellow at the time) in a place where temperatures, even at midnight on the coldest day of the year (if we had one) never, ever fall below mid 20's degrees Celsius.Thus, he has absolutely no need at all for clothes, nor does any other dog in this country.Nevertheless, given a certain type of dog (small, high pitched yap/bark/screech) and (even more relevantly) a certain type of owner (old, female, widowed, probably quite lonely) then, even here, they are dressed up.Second, I grew up in England in those pre-Global warming days when winters truly were winters.A hair follicle is usually darker than the skin around it, so focusing the light on the follicle will heat it up and leave the surrounding skin cool. The heat damages the follicle and makes it so that it is unable to grow hairs properly. Over time, hair grows back more slowly and it eventually stops for very long periods of time.There is more information that you need to be aware of than simply how the process works. There are factors which you should be taking into consideration when deciding whether it is a viable option for you. If you are looking for a quick solution for hair control you may find that laser hair removal is not an option. Because the technique takes several rounds of treatment and they must be spaced some time apart, then this method may be more of a commitment than you are interested in.Experience is also a critical factor in choosing who will perform the hair removal. If you are dealing with someone who lacks experience the chances of unwanted side effects can increase. You may find that the number of treatments needed may also increase which can increase the price you are paying.

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