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In order to appropriately style curly hair or any hair for that matter you should protect the hair with quality accessories. By accessories we are talking about quality hair care products, brushes, irons, dryers and other needed equipment. Using the wrong types of products or the harsh treatment of the hair can lead to damage hair that breaks and splits. Women with curly hair are at a higher risk of damage due to tangles in the hair. To ensure that you do not damage the hair use a natural boar bristle brush. Not only will the natural boar bristle protect the hair it also will massage the scalp, therefore stimulating growth. To avoid drying and breaking give the Denman Boar Brush (D82M) a try for a straighter appearance rather than the flat iron that can damage the hair.When you hair is wet it is more susceptible to damage so be careful with your hair.The two most frequently prescribed hair loss drugs, finasteride and topical minoxidil, can be effectively used to reduce hair loss in many patients but their ability to regrow lost hair is insufficient. Their effectiveness generally declines sharply in the later stages of the balding process. There is no existing medicinal or natural hair loss remedy that can deliver adequate visual results comparable to either hair transplant surgery or non-surgical hair replacements such as wigs and concealers. Although there are some promising medicinal hair loss drugs currently under development, mainly in the area of genetic research, the ultimate pill for baldness is not expected to become commercially available within the next fifteen years.

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