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Your hair reflects your personality and appearance; therefore it needs to be valued. It is a precious crown for women .Also men are very conscious of their hair styles and balding is a horror for them. In order to prevent hair loss, it important to know the causes, symptoms and proper treatment.Gurgaon has a great infrastructure which enables many health institutions to provide medical services to the residents. There are well experienced dermatologists in Gurgaon who can treat your hair loss effectively. You can also undergo a hair transplant procedure if you can afford the expensive treatment.What are the main causes of hair fallMajority of people suffer hair loss due to genetic factors. Chemical hair products like ammonia hair dyes, medicines and dandruff may cause hair fall. Repeated pulling of hair damages hair follicles and results into hair loss.Now medical research has exposed that hair loss responsible genes can in reality be passed down from either side of your family line, and also they can promote a receding hairline in either women or men. The baldness genes can be annoyingly irregular in choosing which family member this gene will affect and can also skip whole generations of a family. This gene could even produce highly different effects on relatives in the very same family tree. For example, it is not uncommon for siblings to have differing levels of hair loss.Although even today medical hair restoration may be the only long lasting, and also the most successful, option to conquer baldness there are many types of hair restoration shampoo that could be useful in your battle to beat hair loss.

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