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It was been developed after a lot of study and research by Dr. Rinky Kapoor - Top Dematologist and trichologist from Mumbai, India and Dr. Debraj Shome. There has been lot of articles news pieces written on this treatment. It featured in front page of the Times of India. (Leading English newspaper in India). QR 678 injection therapy is much more advanced and offers much better outcomes as compared to Stem cell and PRP treatment.Hair transplant or other hair recovery surgeries just relocates the hair present on the scalp, while QR 678 therapy actually leads to new hair growth, whereby treating hair loss, equally well in females and males What is QR 678It is not only a stem cell therapy for hair growth, it is much more. It is more specific and targeted treatment modality.If your thyroid gland is overactive or under active, or male (androgens) and female hormones (estrogens) are out of balance, this too could result in hair loss. You have just delivered your baby and to your dismay you find that within two-three months, tufts of hair are coming out in your brushes and combs. Don't be depressed. It's just a natural loss that occurs with childbirth it's called post-partum hair loss and normally rectifies itself within a few months.Are you recovering from a major surgery or severe infection Then don't be shocked by excessive hair fall. Some drugs used for treating gout, heart problems, arthritis or acne may cause temporary hair shedding. Drugs used for cancer or chemotherapy stops hair cell division. The patient may lose all his hair during the course of the treatment, but will regain his hair after the treatment stops some months later.

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