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It is a known fact that balding men have tried a lot of ways to get their hair to grow back. Some even tried applying poison ivy on their scalp with very bad results. Sadly, almost every attempt to grow back hair has failed. However, you need to consider that we live in a society where science is becoming very advanced and the good news about it is that there are now several treatments that will let you regrow thinning hair.Recent advances in science and medical technology have been quite beneficial for balding people. Today, there are now several products and treatment methods that will be able to grow the hair on your head back the way it was before when you still had a head full of hair. However, before you know about the products and the available treatments, you first need to know about the causes of thinning hair. By knowing about the causes, you will be able to know what caused you to go bald and also know what treatments and hair loss prevention products are available for you.One of the most common reasons for hair loss is purely your genes.Hair extensions are ultimate must-haves. Wanting to look more beautiful is not being vain but rather a representation that you care a lot about yourself for wanting to look better.I have always hated my hair for being so bad-looking. Until I discovered the miracles that hair extensions could make. They are one of the best decisions Ive ever made in my life. My days have been made better now that I feel much better as well with how I look.I used to have doubts with hair extensions. It thought that they are hair treatments which would later on damage my hair. I no longer believe that because based from my experience, its the total opposite effect.Hair extensions could make your hair look and feel better. It made my hair fluffier and in the pink.

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