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I would still recommend Finasteride for MPB, but it is far from the miracle drug for MPB people hoped it would be when it came out. Side effects such as gyno, reductions in libido, and others also appears to be higher in the real world then the studies claimed. Finally, finasteride does appear to work topically (contrary to what Merck claims) which will greatly reduce systemic side effects. However, topical is generally less effective then oral treatment. Minoxidil 1997: "...Minoxidil did not turn out to be the hair growth stimulant we all hoped it would be and if it had not recently gone OTC I would not even have included it in this list. However, being minoxidil can now be purchased without a prescription and is about half the price of what it used to cost, I think it is a useful addition to a person's regimen. For hair growth, minoxidil has pretty much been a bust, but for reducing hair loss, I have found it is definitely better than nothing." 2005 comments: The only thing that has changed since I wrote the above is that Minoxidil comes in a stronger version for men (5% vs.Another reason why extensions are prone to knots and tangles is because the hair used to make extensions has been chemically processed at the manufacturing facility. Since most hair used in extensions originates in India and China, this hair was probably coarse in texture and black in color at one time. At the factory, this Indian and Chinese hair undergoes extensive processing to make it into a variety of textures and colors. Hair that has been chemically processed is always more likely to knot or tangle.

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