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Many say that this is the best place to start in achieving a health hair, but if you want to get the best result, practice a good diet while taking vitamin supplements. Eat fruits and vegetables if possible. These are rich in vitamins and minerals that help get rid of harmful radicals. Aside from fruits and veggies, also try oats and brown rice, which are rich in biotin. These won't only keep your hair from falling, but will also strengthen your immune system, leaving no space for any form of diseases.Healthy diet is good not only for body but to our hair as well. Remember that healthy diet combined with vitamin supplements are important components for treating hair loss problem. By simply eating fruits and vegetables can greatly help in promoting healthier hair.Herbal Remedies - Anything herbal is healthy. However, not all herbal products being sold in the market today are manufactured as treatments for hair loss. So when looking for a right solution to your hair problem, choose something that is tested and proven. This means choosing something that contains proven ingredients.Sistas, take off those wigs and cut out that weave. Throw out the creamy crack (perm) and put down the flat iron! The science for natural African hair care is upon us and in full affect. Unlike the not too distant past, the knowledge and information concerning the maintainence, care and upkeep for natural African hair is everywhere, in fact there are many hair care lines that have gone commercial. We now have no excuse for hiding under wigs and weaves, because we don't "know how to deal with our hair" or worse, we think other textures of hair is more beautiful than our own.

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