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Part your hair on the side and pin back the front while you work on the rest. Separate the top layer of the hair from the bottom. With the bottom layer make a braid and secure it with elastic. Use a flat iron on the ends of the braid, flipping them outwards from the center to give a flower like effect. Then take a long ribbon about two inches thick to wrap the braid. Insert the ribbon into the first braid, crisscross and bring it to the top, then crisscross and bring it to the bottom, repeating this all the way down. Cut off any extra ribbon.Another distinctive anime dress is the Titan suit, like the Eren giant costume and the Titan attire with muscle patterns on it. Besides the Shingeki no Kyojin military uniform, there are the green scouting legion cape, the Mikasa scarf, the stylish brown boots, the badges, the swords and the necklace and so on for us to make a good choice due to the convenient and multiple online cosplay stores.

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