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It’s generally not possible to determine the exact number of sessions that will be required to achieve desirable results and for how long the hair will be gone.Number of sessions and results vary from patient to patient, so it’s highly recommended to visit a cosmetic clinic in Mumbai that offer Laser Hair Removal in Mumbai from the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai.Risks Just like any other medical treatment, there are a few risks attached with this cosmetic procedure such as:ScarringBurnsBlistersPainSkin pigmentation problemsPreparation for the procedureBefore the hair removal session starts, the cosmetic surgeon will make full analysis of your medical history and current health condition. You should discuss expectations, risks and possible outcome with the surgeon in detail. Cosmetically significant hair loss can be divided into two categories, namely: scarring alopecia and non-scarring alopecia.In Scarring Alopecia, the skin that houses the hair follicle is irreversibly damaged, and the resultant scarring has destroyed the hair follicle and its ability to regenerate. When visual examination is not sufficient to diagnose this problem, a biopsy may occasionally be necessary. Some skin diseases, accidents, as well as physical trauma mayproduce this kind of damage.In Non-scarring Alopecia, there is no irreversible physical damage to the scalp.This type of hair loss is very common and can be completely reversed by treatment. This hair loss can be as a result of a lot of things, including certain diseases, drugs, aging, crash diet, as well as a genetic susceptibility to hair loss called androgenetic alopecia (common balding).

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