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In ancient times, wigs were widely used by Egyptians to protect their shaved heads from the blazing sun. Wearing wigs were directly related to social status where women belonging to an upper class society wore large, attractive wigs in different colors. These wigs were washed and treated regularly with vegetable and animal oils. History also shows that wigs played an important role in the ancient Greek and Roman periods. During the 17th and 18th century, men belonging to various groups revolted against using wigs which prevented people from wearing it. In the early 19th century this hair accessory reentered the market and has been making a bold beauty statement since then. These days wigs have become a significant part of every celebrity's wardrobe.Medication that is used in chemotherapy and in radiation treatments cause hair to fall out. The good news is that once the medications are stopped you will see hair re-growth over time.Hormonal changes such as the use of birth control, pregnancy, or child birth can affect hair loss. Levels of testosterone in men are also known to cause hair loss. Men who have low levels of testosterone do not have typical male pattern baldness.A chemical called DHT- dihydrotestosterone is an enzyme and causes healthy follicles to shrink causing hairs to fall out. Testosterone and DHT are known as male hormones and when present in excess will cause hair to fall out. The presence of an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase appears in high levels. It then becomes DHT. This destroys soft hairs till they fall out for good.Methods of Hair RestorationThere are different types of hair restoration available. Pharmaceutical treatments can include oral medications such as Finasteride. Topical treatments are applied to the scalp and minoxidil is one such treatment.Surgical treatments include hair transplant therapy.

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