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As I was grocery shopping, I noticed a few different people with hair feathers in their hair. I loved the look and had to ask my hair stylist about it. She told me that the hair feathers were the newest hair trend and that it had caught on very quickly. I could see why - the hair feathers were adorable! I told my stylist that I wanted some hair feathers in my own hair, and she told me that they were so simple, she could put the hair feathers in right then and there within ten minutes. I was amazed at the ease of the hair feathers and watched carefully as she put them into my hair.The first thing she did was got out several different hair feathers that I could choose from. The hair feathers were actually extensions of real feathers from real birds! The hair feathers came in all colors and lengths to suit my hair and preference.Some home remedies: Raw onion remedy for hair loss - take half a raw onion and massage the scalp with it; cover the head overnight, shampoo and rinse in the morning. Garlic oil remedy for hair loss - at bedtime, puncture a couple of garlic pearles, squirt the oil on the scalp, massage, cover with a cap, shampoo and rinse in the morning. Also raw apple cider vinegar used as a hair rinse may stimulate hair growth.Garlic as a hair loss remedy - an hour before bedtime, slice open a clove of garlic and rub it on the hair loss area, wait for an hour then massage the scalp with olive oil, put on a cap, go to bed, shampoo your hair in the morning, repeat for a few weeks, and hopefully hair will stop falling out and regrowth will appear.

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