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Since Greek times, long hair has been a sign of health and wealth. The use of long hair as a symbol of beauty, wisdom, strength and femininity appears again and again in ancient mythology such as the story of Samson and Delilah, Lady Godiva, Medusa, and many Navajo stories and beliefs. So, without breaking the bank, how do you get from a boyish pixie hair cut to Cheryl Cole's luxurious locks (and from everything in between)For starters, you should wrap your hair at night with a silk scarf, and if your hair is long enough, roller set it every 2 to 3 days. If you used a roller set the night before, when you wake up you should wrap your hair, go through your morning routine and comb out right before you leave. Remember that roller setting is healthier than blow drying. Whether your hair is relaxed or not, it will be healthier without regular blow drying and curling, so don't overdo it.A common aspect of black hair styles is hair relaxer. The best advice is to always have this done professionally, if possible. Of course, if that's not possible and you have to relax your own hair, be sure to follow these tips. Proper care starts two weeks before even applying the relaxer. You should start oiling your hair with a castor oil base to moisturize and lubricate your new growth. This will slow down the shedding and reduce sensitivity during the relaxation. Be sure to apply the relaxer only to your new growth, and put a base on your scalp and ends lightly to protect them.

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