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Naturally, in constant daily wear, wigs do not last forever! A good wig is carefully manufactured with delicate materials including lace and silicone - so care should be taken to preserve your product. Additionally, the base material can deteriorate; hair can be pulled out/damaged and the wig itself could lose its shape or style. As soon as you notice any small tears or damage, it's vital that you take your wig to a qualified wig supplier. Follow all care instructions including the use of heated appliances on your wig; use wide-tooth combs to avoid tearing out hair strands; brush from tip to roots (and not the other way around!) and blot dry your wig using natural fibres like a cotton towel. All these tactics will help prevent you having to prematurely invest in another wig!Utilize style serums For your own frizz complications, solve them using style serums. Just warm 2 drops of serum between your hands and also palms and then rub them unto the frizzes of your hair. Use styling gel or balm If you desire to blow dry your hair straight, simply rub a small amount of styling gel or balm onto your curly tresses before blow drying it. Begin doing work on your hair from its ends going up as well as in sections. Avoid the use of a hair dryer Repeated utilisation of the blow dryer can also lead to the frizziness of your curly hair because of the heat being generated by the machine. Therefore, lay low from using this device or skip it altogether. On the other hand, comb your hair utilizing your fingers and simply allow your curls to air dry. Additionally, never use a hand towel to dry hair. You could rather apply paper towels in order to eliminate excess water from your hair. Feel hair rarely Curly hair features very little of the hair scalp's all-natural oil since it is based at a distance from the hair scalp.

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