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Peruvian Full Stock Hair Wig With Baby Hair
Many women undergoing treatment for cancer, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can face several side effects of their drug programme. One very common side effect is hair loss. This is because anti-cancer drugs attack cancer cells - and unfortunately this includes healthy cells plus those in the hair follicle. This in turn causes hair to fall out. For a female, hair loss can be a very distressing experience as hair is often a big part of their identity. Many women have described losing their hair as more upsetting than facing cancer itself. Thankfully, hair loss is not a side effect of all forms of treatments and if it is, it's often only temporary.Menopause is the end of a woman's fertility and a definite indication she is aging. The physical effects could be weight gain, body aches, head aches and more. The mood swings can make you feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It is important to eat as healthy as possible and get regular exercise. This will raise your energy level, your stamina, and possibly your libido if it's been affected.

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