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Hair is the one of the most prominent features of one's body and having shiny, thick hair completely enhances the look of any individual. Be it a man or a woman, losing hair can be an unnerving experience and brings down one's confidence. The stressful life we lead is one of the major factors of hair fall, and more number of men and women are suffering from it. The bright side to it is that you have a lot of solutions to the problem and celebrity wigs is one such solution. A lot of people may wonder how celebrities maintain such great hairstyles and good quality hair. Little do they know that a lot of celebrities use such natural looking wigs, that they give the look of them having inherently beautiful hair. These wigs come in a variety of quality. There are ones which are made of actual hair, thus, are pretty expensive. The others are made of synthetic fibers, which are comparatively cheaper. Another kind uses both, and is reasonably priced and can be afforded by a lot of people. If you are going bald or your hairline is receding or even if you just want to change your look, wearing these wigs can be a great idea.They have the best quality and lifespan, even though some consumers find that the really best type is a bit costly.Clip-in real hair extensions go easy on your tresses because they use micro-clips that you yourself can attach or detach. The extensions are so easy to attach that you need not take a trip to your favorite hair dresser's place to get the job done. You simply part your hair, attach the clip-in real hair extensions, then repeat the process until you have all the extensions attached. Voila! You now look stunning without needing to visit the salon and with the least effort. Doesn't that make you smile at the start of the dayThe typical lifespan of a clip-in real hair extension is about half a year, but the actual period may vary depending on how often you use and style the accessory. The quality of the hair used in the extension is also another crucial variable. You must dislike tangles. To prevent entangling the extension with your own hair strands, remember never to sleep with it.You can use ordinary shampoo and conditioner to maintain the cleanliness of the hair extension.

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