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Hair transplantation surgery involves grafting individual hairs to the scalp. The hair will be planted into the scalp in such a way that it would follow the natural growth pattern of the hair. The cost of surgery depends on the extent of the baldness to be treated; it also varies from state to state. However, not all people suffering from hair loss are good candidates for hair transplantation surgery, and physicians often advice their patients to treat their problem through medicinal means first before going through surgery.Telogen effluvium occurs when sudden or severe stress causes increased hair loss, which is generally started by an unbroken stressful events or chronic stress. Such a condition is rather transient and hair starts growing again in the next 6-9 months.Alopecia aerate is a much more devastating. Heavy stress can also trigger this type of hair loss. In this case white blood cells attack the hair follicles and stops hair growth. Hair then falls relatively quickly - usually in whole or in clusters of areas within a few weeks after the stressful event. The hair can sometimes grow back again.How to Manage StressWhen the victim learns how to manage stress, improve not only the state of his hair, but also his general health. Try the following tips, leading to improved lifestyle.Get rid of the causes of stress. If you have problems with relationships Try to communicate and solve problems or to Move. Do you have stress-induced sadness Join a group of people who support you, and go through the necessary steps of his grief, to go forward.

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