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Pink Lace Wigs offers wigs of different styles, colors, textures and length. Ten reasons why one in need of artificial hair should buy from here: Firstly, They sit perfectly on the user's head and one usually cannot distinguish it from normal hair, unless observed closely enough - that is, almost two inches from the hair. This is a positive characteristic that would prevent people to complain to Pink Lace Wigs. The comfort level is extremely high and complaints are almost negligible.Some choose to embrace the loss and shave their head entirely, others choose to camouflage with hair pieces or implants. A common theory for Androgenic Alopecia is the genetic inheritance from the maternal grandfather, however evidence is now being shown that both biological parents contribute to the condition. Another cause of hair loss is Traction Alopecia, caused by excessive pulling on the hair for the purpose of ponytails or cornrows.It is very common for women who have recently given birth to experience some hair thinning. There are many theories for this phenomenon, but the most likely cause is the massive hormonal change that occurs in their body. Anxiety surrounding the birth and care of the infant can also contribute to the loss. Several easily remedied physiological disorders cause hair thinning or loss.

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