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If youre suffering from mild hair loss, perhaps you should try one of the shampoo hair loss type products that are available. However, regardless of whether you use a special hair loss shampoo or a regular one, did you know that shampoo can also trigger hair loss Hair loss can be traced back to a number of causes. One of these can be the build up of protein on the scalp. Whilst a build up of protein to some degree is normal, if it builds up too much, it can prevent new hair from penetrating through to replace the hair that has fallen out naturally.To counteract the build up of protein you should wash your hair and scalp regularly, using a mild shampoo so as not to irritate your scalp. The thing though that most of us dont do is to rinse our hair out thoroughly. If, after a period of time you consistently dont rinse away all traces of shampoo, a residue will be left behind. Its this residue that can build up and prevent the penetration of new hair growth. If you do suffer from hair loss or thinning hair, then the shampoo hair loss products may work as a solution for you.I remember from my teenage one of my neighbors who used to wear a wig. It clearly showed and some of us really used to snigger at him and pepper him with comments. While this was not the best thing to do but we really could not help it because his wig clearly showed. So, instead of feeling confident that he wore a wig he was more embarrassed thanks to brats in the neighborhood like us. It is true that the earlier wigs caused a lot of embarrassment to people who wore them. But with human hair wigs now available in the market it is virtually impossible to tell someone with a wig on.As the name suggests, human hair wigs are wigs made of human hair. There is a temple in India called Tirupathi Balaji where it is a custom with the devotees to donate their hair. All this hair is actually used to make wigs. These wigs are then exported to countries all over the world. It is a flourishing business thanks to the number of people now experimenting with these real looking wigs made of human hair.Human hair wigs can be of two types and they are made for people with different types of baldness.

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