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Peruvian Hair Bob Wigs For American African Women
This will aid greatly in keeping the hair system intact and assures durability. The shampoos may vary depending on the hair type, so it necessary to examine the products carefully before purchase. Once the proper methods are executed, your hairpiece will keep its durability and natural appearance. Overdoing the shampoo would mean that you are cutting the life of the hair system but you can always shampoo your own growing hair everyday by tying the hair system in a bun and covering it with a shower cap and you can start shampooing your own natural hair.More than this will risk the hair from drying out or make the hair tangles but if shampooing should be done to a minimum, conditioning the hair should be done daily for it will help maintain the hair looking softer and healthier and the best conditioner for this kind of hair is the leave-in conditioner. As mentioned above, there is no need to shampoo the hair system every day unless of course you are working in areas that are quiet dirty like the coal mines. Hair replacement system needs to be cleaned, but doing this may mean more harm than good.Cleopatra was known to wear wigs and to have human hair added to her own as a symbol of her status as queen, to which jewels and other adornments could be attached. Their popularity was not limited to women however; it was commonplace for men of high status to shave their heads and use wigs or hair pieces to replace their natural hair. As well as being an act of cosmetic enhancement, this was also useful for hygiene reasons at the time.

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