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Hence,taking care of your health is another way of getting healthy hair. Sometimes, stress becomes the cause of losing the beautiful locks thatwe always nurture. So, expert physicians suggest keeping a happy andcontented mind because it is essential for our overall health. In anutshell, maintaining good health is the key to keeping the hairpretty. Apart from health, there are certain other factors that need tobe taken care of to retain healthy locks. Cleaning the hair:You can keep your hair healthy by keeping it clean. Regular washing andcombing become the most important part of keeping the hair healthy.Generally, our everyday life requires our hair to get exposed to dustand dirt. So, you need to wash your hair at least twice a week with amild shampoo. If your hair is prone to getting dandruff, you shouldcomb your hair and rub the scalp with your finger tips before washingit. Often, we give less important to rinsing part after using the soapor shampoo. But, it is crucial to wash off the soap and shampooproperly for keeping the hair pretty. Make sure, the shampoo that youuse should match your hair type.Yellow Hair ExtensionsHair extensions take a lot more effort than wigs do. But extensions are a good way of making your own hair look longer. You can match the extensions to your own hair two different ways: 1) dye your hair to match the color of the extensions you'll be wearing (this is difficult to do), OR 2) bleach and dye your hair first, then get extensions (either the same color as your hair and bleach them, or get blonde ones) and dye them the same color as you dyed your hair. OR, if you don't want to do this yourself, you can bring a package of hair extensions with you to a professional hairstylist to show them exactly what color you want to dye your hair. They can put the extensions in some time after that (probably not the same day, since your dyed hair and scalp might need a break before putting the hair extensions in).

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