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Peruvian Hair Wiglet
Tape-ins is a more popular form of hair extension, commonly used is hair salons. In these extensions, a special adhesive tape is present on the hair. When to be applied, the specialist brushes the hair from the point to contact of the tape to see the scalp. He then removes the tape's protective layer and gently presses the tape again the hair closest to the scalp; he repeats the process of the same strand such that the hair is sandwiched between two wefts. This way he moves up to the crown of the scalp. The purpose behind taping so close the scalp is that that when the work is done, the 'real' hair masks the extensions so it is impossible to tell the difference.If you are wondering how often the synthetic hair requires washing the answer is that it depends upon the humidity and the quality of the air. The environment and temperatures you reside in make a difference to the washing schedule. As a general rule, it should be washed after it has been worn an average of eight to 12 times but this may vary from one person to another.

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