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The most important thing that you can do when accessorizing your costume is to choose the right wig. For both men and women, this almost always means selecting a long dark wig. The only exception to this would be the man who chooses to style his hair into a dark Mohawk to accessorize his costume. The long-haired wig is commonly styled into braids for both men and women. However, loose hairstyles are also appropriate for both genders as long as the hair is straight and not wavy or curly.When trying to find thin hair solutions, you should be aware of a few facts. First and foremost, the hair growing solutions must undergo laboratory testing. Lab testing is done to ensure that the medications can be used safely. It also helps to determine the recommended dosages that will not have adverse effects on health. Some of the medications have side effects which may become permanent problems on prolonged use. The pack should be written the name of board of authorities who have approved the medication as safe to use. An example is the Food and Drug Agent (FDA).

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