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Hair thinning and hair loss is an extremely common concern for many females. It can be slow and gradual and if this is the case, it could simply be linked to your genetic make-up. This is usually no cause for concern and deferring to other family members - a mother, aunt, grandmother, sister - for similar signs of hair thinning can usually provide an answer. However, if your hair thinning or loss is sudden and rapid - and the rest of your relations have a comparatively full and healthy head of hair, then it could be cause for concern. Sudden hair loss which results in totally bald spots on your head is known as Alopecia. This is when the auto-immune system 'turns on itself' and attacks healthy hair follicles - causing the hair to fall out. Like many conditions, there are various degrees of alopecia: alopecia areata manifests itself as patchy hair loss. Bald spots can begin the size of a large coin and spread outwards. Alopecia totalis is when total hair loss across the scalp occurs. Alopecia universalis is when hair loss occurs across the entire body.Second, you should consider the cap type. The cap type for your hairpiece is one of the most important factors to keep your wigs remaining cool in hot weather. France and Swiss lace caps are common and all good for ventilation. Apart from these, there is a new option that also has good result. Silk cap is make of silk and lace that has finest breathability for the scalp. At the same time, this kind of cap is lightweight and cool.

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