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Wearing a wig has always been a simple and easy solution for those who experience hair loss problems or want to change something about their look. A wig gives you a completely new appearance in an instant, and spares you from dealing with the permanence of certain hair procedures. Wigs come in all shapes and sizes, all you have to do is decide on what looks best on you.The primary aspect, you've to appear in to when buying wigs is to discover the best offer as the price tag on the particular wigs has gone up in recent times. The increase inside the wigs expense is as a result of increase inside the demand for the wigs. Also, the assembly regarding wigs uses a few petroleum items. Therefore the increase in the petroleum items boosts the creation costs, which in turn boosts the wigs cost. It's a well known idea that most of the products can undergo alterations together with regard to the alternation in trends.You can also get some good great discount wigs on the secondhand stores. Additionally, there are options of damages during the assembly with the wig.The second home remedy for dry or dull hair is to use beer. You can use the same method that I went over with the apple cider vinegar for this. Beer has a lot of nutrients believe it or not, that are good for the hair, and it will also help to cleanse impurities and prep it for a good conditioning, leaving the hair shaft smooth so that you get maximum shine and reflection.Now, if you're looking more for a protein mask type of treatment, this one may also sound weird, but some love this for the feeling of added thickness to the hair and the fact that they are using a pure protein on the hair which can help strengthen it. What food item am I referring to Eggs!That's right, you can use raw eggs (careful not to get any in your mouth!), as a mask on your hair, letting it set in your damp hair for about fifteen to twenty minutes, then rinsing it out, shampooing and conditioning.

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