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It is highly suggested that you prepare your scalp by using medical grade alcohol or branded scalp protector. This helps your skin to erase any oil residue, if present. Apply it by rubbing it on your skin following the hairline since; this is the area where adhesive for attaching the lace wig will be applied. It also protects your skin from any allergic action and promotes a stronger bond.The removal of hair from certain parts of the human anatomy is a weekly if not daily routine for many individuals. This removal can be accomplished by waxing, applying creams, the use of tweezers or shaving. For example many men have a daily morning ritual of shaving their faces. Or, in the case of some women, shaving may include the removal of unwanted hair on the underarm area or on the legs.Other methods included a permanent removal through the means of electrolysis. In addition, available to individuals, is laser equipment.When considering what best equipment to utilize, it is important to know what are the reasons for hair removal, whether it will be temporary or permanent and the two different laser options available.Reasons For Hair Removal Removal equipment can be utilized for many hair removal reasons. The most common reason for wanting hair removed from certain parts of body is strictly cosmetic. Often people associate underarm hair, leg hair and back hair as unsightly. Therefore, to remove this stigma of unbecoming hair, many individuals choose various methods to remove the unwanted hair.

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