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-People of African decent have dark, tight, very curly hair. Again, under close inspection under a microscope shows that the hair stands are thin and flat. It is the flatness of the strands that cause the hair to curl right up. There is not much weight to it. The most important thing to watch for, is keeping this type of hair moisturized. The flat thin strands are prone to drying out so a gentle cleanser and moisturizing conditioner are very helpful in keeping the hair natural and soft looking. Care also needs to be taken when combing or brushing because breakage occurs easily with this hair type. Minimize the use of blow driers and curling irons. Genetically, the dominant hair color is brown. This can mean anything from light to very dark brown, almost black. With the intermixing of races, it is thought that natural blonde hair will soon die out and that the only option to be blonde is through hair dyes. If you look at North America, you will see the most diverse hair colors and styles due to the migration of people from all parts of Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa, South America, etc.Are you seeing a sudden influx of hair in the sink each morning after you combed your hair Found hair strewn everywhere on the floor and furniture, and it not even your pet If so, you might be facing a grave situation you may be afflicted with male hair loss.Most male hair loss stems from hereditary reasons which mean that you may have inherited this hair defect from either one of your parents. However, male hair loss can also be attributed to the fact that you are experiencing high levels of stress due to a serious sickness, major surgery or work related pressure. Changes in your hormone levels will also cause your hair to shed excessively. And sometimes, a portion of medicines ingested will result in hair thinning. Medicines such as anticoagulants, medical substances used in chemotherapy sessions as well as excessive Vitamin A can cause male hair loss if you are not careful. If you spot fungal infections upon your scalp, don take it too lightly and try to remedy the situation soon as you can to prevent early male hair loss.

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