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It is hard to estimate the cost of your hair transplant, since the price varies enormously depending on which hair transplant clinic you choose. The cost has also decreased considerably during the last few years at some clinics due to competition. Keep in mind that the cost is only one factor to take in to account when choosing a clinic and the cheapest ones might not always be the best. On the other hand, there is absolutely no guarantee that a celebrated, overpriced clinic will do a better job than a more reasonably charging one. Generally speaking, $ 2,500 -10,000 per session is considered standard and you will usually need at least four sessions. Before you make any decisions, remember to make an estimation of how much keeping your hair will cost you in the long run if you chose some other method, e.g. prescription drugs, wigs or ointments.As hair pieces comes in various sizes like average , petite, and large selecting an appropriate size is a must so that you are comfortable wearing it. Next you need to conclude whether to pick a custom made or get a stitched one already. After that comes the question of whether you need a natural hair or a synthetic one then it is not all you also need to consider the style is it suiting your personality and enhancing your physique or not. The care of hair pieces require a lot of attention as they are crafted so need to be maintained.The maintenance of hair piece is as important as buying a good one, the hair piece should be regularly washed and conditioned so that the shine in it last longer. The set of instruction manual which is presented with hair piece should be followed. Use of hair piece stand or hair form is highly recommended to retain proper shape and design; the cleaning products also should be appropriate and designed to suite the hair piece.

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