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There are also the Taper where the hair is cut with clippers and this style is commonly blended with other hairstyles to give a smooth look. There is also the Short Back & the Square Back. The Square Back is cut straight across the back of the head in the shape of a box and the rest of the hair is not touched. The Short Back is cut very short on the back leaving the rest of the hair long.Did you know that, during the time of historical Egypt, wealthy men were the ones who wore hairpieces and extensions Furthermore, your age, sex or gender was the deciding factor when it came to your assigned hairstyle. Luckily, we are all free to style our hair as we choose in modern times. Our Favorite, Vanity: There is no shame in striving to look your best at all times. For all of these reasons, the hair industry is a successful business worldwide. For example, many in the African-American community wear elaborate hair designs that may or may not include hair extensions, weaves, wigs, braids and an array of other kinds of hairpieces. Apart from culture-specific examples, we all seem to desire what we do not naturally possess: long hair for those with short hair and blond hair for those with black hair. Therefore, we all have a clear mane identity. So, are you aware of what your mane identity is We'd like you to share your story.

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