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We would love you to visit our website and check out our hair extensions. Here, you can learn about how we source, create, and finish our Remy hair extensions. We teach you what to look out for in a hair extension and what to avoid. You will be able to see how the extensions looking on our models before you make the investment into a hair extension or two. Don wait any longer! Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about our topnotch hair extensions that work for any age and any ethnicity.Just today I saw in the news three articles about women who ended up in the intensive care unit because of a bad reaction to their hair coloring products! Sadly, this can happen even if you have used a skin patch test to see if your body is sensitive to the hair coloring products. Some of the more severe reactions to chemicals in hair coloring include swelling of the face and eyes, difficulty breathing and even a whole body allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis which can be life threatening. Yikes! There must be a better way to look beautiful! Chemicals in Hair Dye When you read the labels of most hair coloring products, it is a little daunting. The long list of chemical names makes you wonder exactly what all those things will do to your body! I can tell you from the research I've done, that many of these ingredients are irritating to the skin. The most problematic of all the ingredients is called PPD, also known as p-phenylenediamine or paraphenylenediamine. PPD is used most often in permanent hair coloring products, as well as lipsticks and even some tattoo colorings.

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