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Some may think mental anguish of hair loss is not as important as other mental or physical problems. But a recent study shows a positive correlation between hair loss, self esteem and achievement. Hair loss pain is a key aspect of a person's behavior when it comes to self confidence or self esteem. Hair loss pain issue is exacerbated in men who may cringe at the thought of a doctor visit. If a man is uncomfortable going to the doctor, he may be less likely to ask questions, point out symptoms or push for tests. According to a survey sponsored by Men's Health magazine 25 percent of men said they even lie to their doctors, because they are afraid the doctors will get mad, they fear bad news or they're just embarrassed. According to Friedman, "In certain hair loss pattern, surgical hair transplants can never materialize as an option due to the lack of natural hair from the individual donor.How long and effective laser hair removal is, on the face or any other part of the body, depends on the expertise and background of the one doing the procedure. This can be done by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aestheticians, who are not physicians. If the procedure is not done correctly, or effectively, you may have to return to the clinic and undergo follow up sessions. Usually, more than 1 session is needed to remove the hair completely because this type of procedure works only on hair follicles that are in a "growing" stage. Those that are in a "resting" phase will need further treatments until total removal. The number of sessions varies upon the hair type and skin color because hair on dark skin entails more difficulty in this procedure, and the size of the area to be treated as well.

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