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Conventional wisdom would tell you that you should avoid wearing heavy, thick accessories with short hair. But we believe that the contrast makes you look all the more gorgeous. So, go all out and opt for a turbanstyle headband. Go retro with broad, sporty headbands, which are a kickback from the '80s and '90s. When wearing these, create a little volume at the crown by back combing your hair or messing your hair in an Ijustgotoutofbed look.Cancer is a curable medical condition and it is not as devastating, as some people think it is. Yes it is life-threatening if not treated on time, but the chances of survival are high for people, who are getting treatment at an early phase. In case, someone near to you has been diagnosed to have cancer then worry not because as I said before, it can be treated. Chemotherapy is the most common and effective treatment for cancer and this therapy has helped in saving many lives. Therefore, there is no need to be scared about losing your near one, just stay strong and help the patient in following doctor's advice. He/she will surely come out of this situation, like a champion leaves the ring after a fight.Hair loss is the most common side effect that cancer patients have to deal with, during chemotherapy. Therefore, there is no need to freak out when you see your near one turning bald, during the treatment process. Instead, you should try to make them feel comfortable in the way they look. This hair loss is temporary and your loved one will not remain bald for the rest of his/her life.

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