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Check out this tutorial video sequence to learn how to make a Kingdom Heart 2 Organization 13 Coat for Cosplay! In part 1, you will learn how to make the front part of the coat. Then, when you start sewing, you have to make sure that the outside of the coat is on the inside and to start sewing the shoulders first. This is one way of making Axel and Saix coats for Cosplay. This video was filmed in the hopes of helping people who are struggling to make an Organization XIII Coat. Watch these instructional videos and enhance your role playing.There are endless styling options, all you need to do is select the right extensions. Hair weaves are available in real as well as synthetic hair. These are available in different colors and textures, so make sure that you use the one that matches well with your hair color. You can have wavy, curly, or straight hair weaves interwoven into your hair to get a chic look. Those who have short hair can have medium and long extensions sewn to their hair. This will give you the option to try long straight sew in hairstyles. You can then style your hair in braids. Sewin extensions are extremely popular with black women. Braided hairstyles, curly weaves, and straight hairstyles are some of the popular hairdos for black women. Many celebrities can be seen flaunting these hairdos.

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