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Testimonials are not scientific, but many people rely on the advice and experience of others when they are looking for health tips. Although claims of miracles hair growth can be largely discounted, there are some things that are said to help. Olive oil, used in an organic extra virgin variety, is good to eat and also to use as a warm-pack heat treatment for hair. It is said to nourish new growth and moisturize the hair you already have.Testimonials about the positive effects of drinking Kombucha tea and taking MSM in powder form are plentiful, while green tea and many herbal teas are said to be good for both consumption and external use on hair. Apple cider vinegar, as a source of minerals and pH balance, is good to take in water and to use as a rinse on newly washed hair to remove soap residue and strengthen the hair shaft. Follicles are said to respond to a warm oil treatment using extra virgin olive oil.Other healthy hair growth tips include avoiding over-coloring of hair, not using curling wands or blow driers to excess, getting enough sleep, keeping a positive outlook on life, and not following crash diets.To keep a wig looking good for years to come, its maintenance is very important. Remember one thing when you are wearing Remy hair wigs. Unlike natural hair, the hair on the wig does not get nourished and fed by the body and they will not replenish themselves naturally, so you have to follow some basic maintenance tips for these wigs. Do not be rough and do not tug at the hair with a comb. Be gentle, otherwise they will start coming off, fall off the lace base. The sun is the biggest enemy. The hair can tolerate some sun damage; the wig won't sizzle and vaporize like a vampire in the sun, but too much exposure to the sun will result in cumulative damage.

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