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Hair can also break if the solution is left on too long, if two procedures are done on the same day, or if bleach is applied to previously bleached hair. Some chemical relaxers do contain powerful chemicals and there have been instances of people get chemical burns from these products resulting in permanent hair loss. Only go to qualified hair stylists and if doing it yourself make sure you only use reputable products and follow the product directions.HAIR BRAIDS/WEAVESMany black women and some black men braid their hair or wear hair weaves. Under normal conditions these cause no problems. However if the weave is attached too tight or the braids are wrapped too tight, they put a constant strain on the hair follicle. If this is done for an extended period of time permanent hair loss can result. This is known as Traction Alopecia and is fairly common among people who braid or weave their hair. Make sure the person applying the braids or weave is qualified to do so and don't wear braids or weaves continuously for extended periods of time.While there are many reasons for hair loss, some are more easily treated than others. Taking certain supplements or eating healthier diets can produce success for some people. It is best if you start with the least expensive treatments, if these do not work then you can move to the more expensive but proven effective treatments. There are a variety of hair loss treatments that you may find helpful.

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