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Light the candle and drip wax into the water while chanting:Colored wax infest this water,And from the flame make it grow hotter,And from the mixture soon to be,Grow some hair for all to see.Then mix in the dirt while chantingFrom within this dirt small seeds do be,Way to small for thee to see,Yet from the life force in the seeds,Hair shall grow like nasty weeds.Once you have a somewhat muddy and thick mixture, stop and use the cloth to strain the muddy water. It is this muddy water which contains the hair growing magic. This water can then be mixed with anything (like shampoo) and used to help hair growth.You can also just use the mud itself as a mud poultice that will make your hair grow."#2. A Chinese herbal handbook dating from the 8th century B.C. offers the following treatment for hair loss:"Catch a green grass snake and place it in a silk bag. Pound the snake inside the silk bag, and then mix with FoTi (polygoni multiflori) root. Boil the mixture and place for three nights under the full moon. Smear the mixture on your scalp and do not remove for two nights and one day.From celebrities looking to play a special role, to ordinary folks who use hairpieces as a confidence booster because they are suffering from hair loss, it's an affordable and safe answer.Of course, like all hair care products. There are proper ways in using them. Find out how to get the most out of hairpieces and also what NOT to do to prevent further damage to hair.

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